Welcome to the Working Group of Institutes for Co-operative Studies (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Genossenschaftswissenschaftlicher Institute, AGI)

The Working Group of Institutes for Co-operative Studies (AGI for short) is a communications platform for academic institutions engaged in co-operative studies.


AGI’s goal is to foster the exchange and development of knowledge in the field of co-operative systems both nationally and internationally. AGI is specifically focused on the advancement of young scientists and supports contact between co-operative research and co-operative practice.


Research and the dissemination of current knowledge regarding topics relevant to co-operative studies is facilitated in different ways:

  • Workshops and seminars to promote research projects and dissertations on collaborative and co-operative systems
  • Yearly Young Scientists’ Workshops
  • International Co-operative Research Workshop every four years
  • Maintaining contact with foreign collaborative research institutions and organisations via the International Collaborative Research Forum
  • Bestowal of the International Science Award

Interested Parties

AGI seeks to appeal to all organisations and persons interested in participating in the exchange and further development of knowledge regarding collaborative and co-operative research systems.